Do I need a Unique Student Identifier?

Yes - The federal Government requires all students who are studying or training for a Nationally recognised qualification, like a forklift license or excavator ticket, to have a Unique Student Identifier. Without it you will not get your statement of attainment (SOA) from the RTO.

What does the Unique Student Identifier look like?

The USI is a unique 10 character identifier that consists of letters and numbers. EG: BVA96R71G5

How do I apply for a USI?

Use this Link and follow the prompts .

Does my trainer need to know the Unique Student Identifier?

Yes , you MUST write down the Unique Student Identifier details on your RTO enrolment form , that the trainer will give to you once your start your course .

Why does my trainer need a hard copy ?  

You MUST give a printed copy of the Unique Student Identifier acknowledgement email or text that you will be sent once your Unique Student Identifier has been approved.   This copy will be used to enter your details into the system that produces your SOA. If the Unique Student Identifier is incorrectly typed in, eg. we cant read your writing properly, then the system will block your application.