What is the minimum age to apply to get a (HRW) High Risk Work Licence?

You must be 18 years or over before you can apply for a High Risk Work License.



Can I operate a HRW machine before I apply for the HRW Licence?

Yes, you can provided you are under an agreement with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), supervised by a High Risk Work Licensed operator for that class of machine and you maintain or keep a record of your training.


How old must I be to obtain training with the RTO for a HRW Licence?

The RTO, Forklift Training & Licensing, has set minimum age for a person to be placed on a HRW Training Agreement as not younger than 17 years of age.


I heard that you do not need a HRW Licence to operate earthmoving Equipment, is that true?

Yes and No. It is true that you currently do not need a HRW License to operate Earthmoving equipment , however there is a requirement set out by Safework Australia and also specified in the Work ,Health and Safety Legislation that specifies that a Person Conducting Business Undertaking (PCBU) must ensure that an operator of plant or equipment has been trained to operate such plant or equipment by a competent person. In this case, “Competent” means by a person who is qualified to conduct such training and therefore has the necessary industry experience and formal qualifications to do so. The RTO has such persons working with the RTO who can provide such training . 


I want to get training through the RTO to get my HRW Licence / Earthmoving Competency, what do I need to do next?

You can contact the RTO via the "Request a Call Back" form and someone will be in touch with you shortly thereafter or by using the contact information provided on this website. Alternatively, if you know your local Forklift Training and Licensing sub contractor give them a call.


Where does the RTO conduct its training and assessing ?

The RTO's sub contactors can and do deliver on site work based training and assessing. This allows the trainees to familiarise themselves with operating the machines at the work place over a period of time and also provides less stressful study time as there is normally a period of time between all of the training to allow the trainees to cope with other distractions such as family, workplace pressures etc.

If required and available, some of the RTO's sub contractors have their own training facilities and equipment where training and assessing are conducted along class room requirements.


How long will the training and licensing take before I can apply for my HRW licence / Earthmoving competency?

To answer this fully, we need to look at the following:

  • TO follow federal government (ASQA) requirements, your training will be over a minimum of two separate periods of time, followed by your HRW/Earthmoving Competency assessment. For work based training, the length of the training is determined by several factors including a trainees capability of understanding what is being taught, their skills and knowledge - may have operated the machine without formal qualifications for many years, and their input during training. Typically training will not be less than one week unless special circumstance apply such as distance travelled by the RTO sub contractor to conduct the onsite training.
  • Once the trainee has finished their training and passed a Formative Test, the HRW Licence assessment will be arranged and a suitable date and time discussed between the trainee or their employer and the Safework NSW/QLD/ACT accredited HRW Licence Assessor . Due to legal requirements HRW Licence testing cannot be less than 48 hours after notification of such testing to your State’s regulatory body 
  • For Earthmoving Competencies, the trainee must pass the Formative Training Assessment before they can be Competency assessed. Depending on the circumstances this could be conducted immediately after Formative Training Testing


Does the same apply for ‘school’ based training and Assessing?


To ensure that all of the RTO’s training and assessing is conducted fairly and properly and in compliance with Federal Government (ASQA) Requirements, there is a gap in training and assessment where a trainee is being trained and assessed by one of the RTO’s sub contractors at the sub contractors training facilities.   The training may be conducted over several days , with provision of a gap in between the training days to allow trainees more time to study . Final assessment is in compliance with your state’s regulatory requirements .    


My English is very poor , so can I have an interpreter with me for training or Assessment Testing?


Due to ASQA and State Government requirements, it is not permitted to have any translator or outside assistance when sitting a HRW Licence test . The RTO has also applied this requirement to its Earthmoving Competency training and testing. Note that all of the Training and Assessing by the RTO’s sub contractors is conducted in English only.


What documents will you be asking me for at the time of enrolment for my Competency?


You will be required to show 100 points of ORIGINAL ID (certified photocopies or the like are not allowed as ID) . Such ID may be  a combination of your car Licence and Passport ; ORIGINAL AUSTRALIAN Birth Certificate  - NO EXTRACTS- (Overseas Birth Certificates are not able to be used) ; other secondary documents showing your name such as recent phone bill/utility bill/car registration/bank statements/Medicare card/Unemployment card issued by Centrelink etc. For more information and ID possibilities, ask the RTO person who is assisting you with your enquiry.


Do you have any more information I can read that tells me more about what my rights and responsibilities are as a trainee and other information ?


Yes, we strongly suggest you download a copy of the RTO’s Student Handbook and read that before you apply for enrolment with the RTO in one of our courses. Please also speak to the RTO person you are dealing with who may be able to answer your questions in more detail.